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Raised: $500
Goal: $10,000

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Bracelet of Hope's Business to Business (B2B) Initiative is an exciting new venture that brings togther business owners from Canada and Lesotho to support small and medium business development in Lesotho. We are looking to raise $10,000 that can be used as a loan fund to help business owners in Lesotho.

In 2013 and 2014, two local Guelph business groups travelled to Lesotho to provide workshops and basic business training, and in the process, helped the business owners in Butha Buthe and Leribe set up their very first business association.

The B2B group visited local business owners and interviewed them to find out more about what areas they required help in. They also collected the business profiles of members which can be viewed here on our website.

It was determined that business owners in Lesotho needed help in the following areas:

  • Basic business training
  • Loans / funding

The money that we hope to raise in this campaign will go towards a loan fund for the Lesotho business association. Our plan is to set up a process whereby members of the association can apply for loans that will help their business.

In addition to the funding, it is our vision that mentoring and training will also be provided to help guide the selected business owners in utilizing the money in the most efficient and practical way.

You can help make a difference!

Bracelet of Hope is a Canadian grassroots charity committed to ending the AIDS pandemic in Lesotho. We know that there is a close interrelationship between poverty and HIV. Those with HIV are more likely to become poor and those who are poor are more likely to be infected with HIV. It can be a vicious cycle unless there is way to break it with a little outside help. If you are a business owner and would like to get involved with our group through either mentoring or funding, please contact us.

The Goal of B2B

  • Engage the business community in Guelph to harness the skills and knowledge we have available and partner with businesses in Lesotho in order to help spur economic growth in their communities
  • Develop businesses in Lesotho that can help fund programs pertaining to foster homes and other Health initiatives
  • Raise seed capital required for these initiatives