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The perfect gift, share your love by giving an ethical gift that helps children. We will send you an attractive card for your loved one. Gifts of Hope are a great practical way of helping. Click on one of our Gifts of Hope below to learn more and donate.

Earning Income for Orphans Through Raising Pigs

Bracelet of Hope has a team of swine experts in Ontario mentoring swine producers in Lesotho. Raising pigs can provide a substantial income for families and those living with HIV/AIDS. Piggeries can also provide an excellent source of protein for foster families. As a bonus, pigs produce nutrient rich manure to naturally enhance local market gardens.

We can provide Lesotho pig producers with a sustainable income and prepare young adults to become producers by supporting the Bracelet of Hope. Support our expert swine program and invest in the lives of our orphans!

All donations to this and all our programs receive a Tax Receipt. Thank you!

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