Gifts of Hope

The perfect gift, share your love by giving an ethical gift that helps children. We will send you an attractive card for your loved one. Gifts of Hope are a great practical way of helping. Click on one of our Gifts of Hope below to learn more and donate.

Purchase an Eco Stove

You thought Canada was cold? Temperatures dip below freezing during the winter in Lesotho as well! Orphans and those living in poverty must find large amounts of wood, kerosene or paraffin to stay warm, all of which come at a high cost. Our small, efficient, wood stoves reduce the amount of wood required. Not only do they provide warmth but they double as cook stoves – for only $100 dollars. Your support helps pay for stoves and maintain heat in our homes.

If you would like us to send your Gift of Hope directly to someone, please write the name and address of that person(s) in the comment box at the bottom of the order form.

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