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The Meaning of the Bracelet of Hope

August 11, 2014

The red and white bead bracelet that is the symbol for our organization comes from the Inina Craft Agency in South Africa, an innovative group of women entrepreneurs. The income from making these bracelets provides critical support for these women, many of whom are raising their grandchildren who were orphaned  by AIDS.

Claire Alexander, Special Projects Manager at the University of Guelph, was the person who brought the bracelets to Guelph. She and a group of enthusiastic students were inspired by Bracelet of Hope's efforts to raise $1 million and decided to create their own campaign on campus with a commitment to raise $100,000. They came up with the brilliant idea of approaching Inina to make red and white beaded bracelets to sell on campus for a donation of $5 each. It was a stunning success.

The Inina Craft Agency is made up of almost 150 women producers lead by a highly skilled and well-equipped management team. They now produce and market a diverse range of crafts and jewellery, exporting to Canada and Europe. Bracelet of Hope purchases many different items from Inina - thereby supporting these women affected by AIDS - and then sells them in Canada to fundraise for the work in Lesotho. Inina's goods are available for sale whenever Bracelet of Hope has a booth at a community event and are also available online.

Your purchase of a Bracelet brings income and hope to the amazing women of Inina, as well as supports the fight against HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. Thank you for your continued support!