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Volunteer Spotlight: Kaylyn & Amber Proudfoot

Great thanks to our remarkable volunteers: Kaylyn & Amber Proudfoot

June 20, 2017

We had the great opportunity of sitting down with Kaylyn and Amber and thier mom, Carrie to discuss their remarkable volunteering and why they think volunteering is so important!

BOH: Why did you ladies decide to volunteer and fundraise for Bracelet of Hope?

K&A: Bracelet of Hope is based in Guelph. When we researched the charity we found that Bracelet of Hope had low admin costs, that you support African children and help foster parents too. We care a lot about healthcare and want to help work towards a cure for AIDS. We really want to help kids that don't have the same opportunities as we do.

BOH: How have you raised all of the money for Bracelet of Hope?

K&A: We have sold bracelets, done penny drives, picked up scrap metal, collected pop tabs and empty bottles. During the holidays we ask our family for only charitable donations instead of gifts. We also ask our school for support, and sometimes even find money on the ground! 

BOH: You have done a lot of fundraising for Bracelet of Hope, hundreds of dollars have come in from what the two of you have done in the community, what have you dedicated that money towards?

K&A: We have fundraised for the piggeries, school lights, mothers with AIDS, farming and eco stoves, emergency communications, to help with the healthcare, and money for the orphans.

BOH: You two also do a lot of work in the community outside of your support to Bracelet of Hope, what other charities have you supported?

K&A: We have brought donated toys to Goodwill, we have fundraised and supported Free the Children, Hope House, Me to We, Plan Canada, World Vision, National Service Dogs, the Food Bank, CARE, OXFAM, UNICEF, Right to Play, PC Children's Charity, MAC's Milk for Syria, Christian Children's Fund, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Rotary, Parkwood Gardens and Salvation Army. We also sing to seniors and we helped the Muslim Society to take in a family from Syria for two years now.

BOH: You are remarkable ladies. What would you like to do when you finish school?

K&A: We would like to do something in Naturopathy and Chemistry.



It was a wonderful gift to get to sit down with these two ladies, their mom, dogs and cats. I got to see their beautiful bedroom where they also have rolls of coins they are collecting, counted pop tabs and loose change. They continue to work towards a better future for everyone. Kaylyn and Amber are in highschool and continue to volunteer for their favourite charities. We are so grateful for all of the remarkable hard work that Kaylyn, Amber and their family and friends do for Bracelet of Hope, and in the community.

Ladies like you make the world a better place, and we are so truly grateful for everything you do!
Continue to work hard and change the world!
Small change creates big change!


Thank you Amber & Kaylyn.


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