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Battle of the Board

Stakes are high. Pick your side. Who will be the victor?

July 25, 2017

Bracelet of Hope is hosting our 2nd Battle of the Board! 

This year, we decided to pit our board members against one another in a head to head challenge! Our board members will be competing to see who can be the top fundraiser! At the end of the fundraising competition, each member will participate in a 100km bike ride together!

The competitors are as follows:

Dave Barker    Rob Butler     Paul Demarco     Kelly Hunter     Tracey McGrath   Peter McSherry      Anne-Marie Zajdlik     John Zardo


Support your member of choice HERE and join us in a movement to support orphans and families devastated by HIV & AIDS in Lesotho, Africa. To learn more about our holistic approach of support through health, homes and jobs, please read more on our website.