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UN International Youth Day - Michelle

August 11, 2017

The United Nations' International Youth Day aims to bring focus to issues that youth face around the world. Bracelet of Hope fosters youth and children with stable homes, health and jobs. A vital part of Bracelet of Hope’s work in Lesotho, Africa stems from the volunteers that support Bracelet of Hope’s initiatives and positively contributes towards the organization. In honour of International Youth Day, we would like to appreciate our youth volunteers’ work to help improve the lives of youth in Lesotho.

Here’s a message from Michelle Peters about her experience at Bracelet of Hope and what this experience means to her.

My name is Michelle. I have been a volunteer and World Aids Day Gala Committee Member since December 2015. I first came into contact with Bracelet of Hope through my Capstone Project, where myself, along with three of my friends, volunteered at the World Aids Day Gala to learn how Bracelet of Hope worked at the ground level. From there, I learned about the organization by working with the amazing Candice Coghlan and talented Tori Reynolds. I continued on with Bracelet of Hope after graduation, and still love being a part of this organization! Outside of Bracelet of Hope, I currently work as a Recruiter in Human Resources. I enjoy this position, much for the same reasons that I enjoy working with Bracelet of Hope – I like connecting with, understanding and helping people in my community. I volunteer with Bracelet of Hope to compliment my desire of being a part of a community filled with wonderful people.

I enjoy working with Bracelet of Hope because, not only are we helping the people of Lesotho, Africa, we are also connecting people in Guelph to the world beyond our country. I enjoy working from Guelph to help different people in all walks of life. The most interesting part of volunteering with Bracelet of Hope is simply hearing the different stories from the people and culture of Lesotho. If only I could afford to take some time off work – Lesotho is the top of my travel list! 

Bracelet of Hope is an organization that turns darkness into light and hope for people around the world. This organization touches the hearts of girls and women, boys and men, elders and youth alike. Bracelet of Hope brings this large world together in a brilliant, positive and creative way – using nothing more than the large hearts of my fellow volunteers and committee members. For anyone looking to invest in an organization, either with your money or time (or both!), I suggest that you look up Bracelet of Hope!

Michelle J. Peters